Mind Uncovered.

Reality Transformed.

Are you fed up with the hamster wheel life and longing for something else? Tired of fulfilling someone else’s dreams and wanting to start living yours?  But your head is on constant overdrive and you are too busy to hear what you would actually like to do with your life. You are not fulfilled but have no idea how to go after your purpose or how to even figure it out. You just know that this cannot be it.

If you lie awake at night, unable to turn off your work-related thoughts…
If you think that striving and being able to handle pressure and chronic stress are things you just need to live with, and peace of mind would never fit into that equation…

And deep down you know this is taking the best of you, it’s not fulfilling you and it is affecting you and your loved ones…

And you wish you could quiet your mind at times, to be able to hear yourself,  and feel that joy and inspiration again that you used to feel…

…then MIND UNCOVERED™ is for you!

MIND UNCOVERED™ is a unique Coaching Program for intelligent, high-achieving business leaders who want to balance their busy minds and lives, let go of constant stress and work-related thinking, start hearing their intuition more and thrive fully according to their own purpose, without compromising anything in their lives. They want to be the leaders of their mind, instead of being led by it.

Dear balance-seeker,

I know you are doing so well: you are respected and responsible. You have always been the smart and capable one. You dedicate a lot to your career and want to succeed in it. Work is important for you, it is more than just a way to earn your living. It is the area of life that you’ve always been proud of.

But you’ve started to see its cost and I know your heart longs for something more…

You crave a fulfilling and more balanced life, where you shine, thrive and inspire others. You yearn for ease and joy, peace of mind and understanding life on a deeper level. You’d love to have more energy to do the things you love and let your work have less control over your free time.

You want to succeed and shine at your work without compromising your life. You want to fulfill your passion and get your inspiration back. You want to feel more in the flow and let go of the gradually increasing cynicism or discontentment. You don’t want to become one of those moaners!

You want to have energy for your loved ones, and to be fully present for them during evenings and weekends. You want to get that connection back instead of being consumed by your work and being only half-present in your relationships.

You have a strong passion for self-development and wish you could have more time for yourself. You’d love to focus more on your soul-searching and figuring out the spiritual aspect of life.

You might even have a gut feeling that there is something more in store for you in life, but you are way too busy with your life to figure it out… Your intuition might have already been trying to push you towards your purpose but you have no time for it.

You’re out of alignment with your vision and inner wisdom.


YOU’RE OVERWORKED, UNFULFILLED AND LOSING THE JOY. You used to enjoy your work and wonder if that is possible ever again. You are often completely over drained after the work day and have no energy left for anything.



You want nothing more than to be able to calm the constant flow of thoughts in your mind, to be able to let go of the burdening thinking, to be able to have clarity on what you want out of life and to be more in the FLOW of your dream life, to live balanced, fulfilled and to have FUN. You want to LIVE LIFE AT IT’S FULLEST EVERY DAY!


  • Thrive and enjoy your work and life without compromising either one of those and at the same time have energy, joy, and peace of mind.
  • Reclaim back the excitement, inspiration, and joy you used to feel for your job and life in general.
  • Calm the turmoil in your head, to be able to stop work related thinking when you are not at work.
  • To be fully present for your loved ones while you are with them.
  • Create a life of ease and success, without constant effort or strive.
  • Live a purposeful life according to your inner wisdom and intuition.
  • Feel more freedom in your life – letting work have less control over your life, without compromising your success.
  • Work and live more in the FLOW.
  • Have clarity on your purpose and live in line with what you truly are.

And most of all:

  • You don’t want to settle for this life you are living now!

The problem is:

You’ve been working and living like this for a long time, wanting to release all the stress and mental bombardment you’ve been feeling… and you know it’s not getting any better, no matter what stop-gap techniques to relieve stress that you try…

You can feel that things are coming to a head, and it’s time to leave behind all the striving, you were meant to shine!


  • Have changed jobs, just to find out that the same exhaustion, stress, and unfulfillment keep showing up?
  • Have thought about jumping off the hamster wheel but don’t feel ready as you don’t know what to do then?
  • Are the smart, capable and responsible one, the one everyone relies on for results? You sometimes feel it’s all on your shoulders? That you should handle everything?
  • Are thinking that it will become better some day? After this project. And then after the next one. If you are honest to yourself, will it? Really?
  • Have tried some stress coping mechanisms or mind quieting techniques? Maybe they have worked temporarily but you wish to have a more permanent transformation? Or you have tried some and noticed that you are way too busy and impatient to do those kinds of practices.
  • Are doing your best to be present for your family and loved ones but have noticed that you are still very often in your head? You are working in your head so much that weekends are not enough to recharge and balance your mind?
  • Are performing life? The same mode of operation continues often outside work?
  • Have no idea how long you can keep continuing like this? You hope you will be able to keep it together but you also know that this is not the way you want it to be for much longer. Life should be more fun and there must be more to it!

If you feel blocked from all the pressure from work, strapped for time, having less and less time and energy for the things and people you love and clueless how to solve this equation, it’s time for change.

Let’s start your journey towards balance, ease, and purposeful living: it all starts from the mind. You don’t need fixing, you just need clarity, to see how the life operates. With that clarity, you’ll have the solutions you are longing for!

Take a deep breath…

  • You don’t have to keep on living like this. You deserve more joy and peace of mind, every day.
  • I know you are doing your best but there is another way.
  • You can stop worrying, stop stressing, and stop sweating about your life.


I’m VIRPI KALEVO and I’m here to make sure that you can start to live the life you deserve. NOW.

As a Transformational Coach and Mindset Mentor with a MSc and a long corporate HR career, I help high-achieving business leaders to balance their busy heads and lives by realizing how their mind works and defines everything in life.

I know what you’re going through right now.

I used to be everything I’ve described above.

I had a successful corporate career as HR executive and experienced a great amount of stress and pressure. I loved my job but it was taking too much of me. Even when I was not at work, my mind automatically kept burdening me, constantly over-thinking – it felt like my brain was controlling me and I just tried to obey its orders to the best I could. I started to have problems with my memory, multitasking took its part and things started to fall off my head. Luckily I never missed anything important but it was a bit alarming to see how I was able to completely forget some things.

I was completely drained out during evenings and did not have much energy left for anything I’d love to do. Waking up at 4 A.M. was normal, no chance of getting into sleep again with all that anxious thinking. Heart was pumping, I knew I’d stay awake for at least couple of hours and be exhausted when the alarm went on.

I gave it all to my work. During weekends and holidays it was a MUST to get out of home in order to escape the thinking that would have otherwise started again. It was important to keep myself busy in order to escape my head. I was DOING all the time, not really BEING. I did not really notice what was going on in my surroundings; if someone asked me what was the year when something took place, I honestly couldn’t tell. All the years seemed similar. It was all the same, day after day, year after year.

I kept going like that for years, always hoping that it would become better someday… That some miracle would happen and remove me from that stressful mode.

Well, it didn’t.

While having my busy work, I also did a lot of seeking and searching. Although externally everything seemed to be ok, internally I was not satisfied. I yearned for self-development, I wanted to understand life and wanted to become a better version of me in order to be more happy and balanced. I figured out that understanding myself better would help me to let go of that need to perform well at all times and carry my work in my head.

I had started to see that I couldn’t explain everything in life with my intellect and I was drawn to spirituality. The rebel and out-of-the box thinker was gradually being born. I had lived my life according to society’s expectations for a long time but at some point I realized that in order for me to be truly happy I needed to live my life according to my own wisdom. I knew I had some other purpose in life but I couldn’t hear it from my overloaded head.

But although I started to see that there’s no sense in running on the hamster wheel, I was still not able to balance my life or get clarity on my next steps: the work always seemed to take too much of me (as it was so important for me!) and I was very good at carrying work-related, anxious thoughts in my head, too good. And part of me was thinking that ”You have chosen this job so you need to live with it! Everybody with a high-demanding job experiences stress so just tackle with it.” I should just stay strong, as always.

But I’d started to see what was happening around me, people were having burnouts and although I told myself that “it won’t happen to me”, I knew that was not true. I saw that very clearly after one specific sleepless night. Anxiety filled my head completely, thoughts took over and it felt like I was falling into a black hole. It was a scary thing to experience and in the morning I realized that something needed to change. I was not going to risk my health and wellbeing.

I’d tried different techniques such as mindfulness, stress coping mechanisms, positive thinking, affirmations etc. but never found more than a temporary relief and as an impatient person they were not for me. There was always something slightly off, I just couldn’t figure out what that was. I read a lot of spiritual books and “saw” always something but there was something that I was still not seeing clearly. There needed to be some more..

I wanted SO much to figure it out and find something that would bring a permanent solution! And then I found it.


  • I’ve transformed from a stressed overachiever, busy-minded executive and a life performer to a balanced and joyful human being. Yes, a human being, instead of human doing. And that does not mean I don’t do anything, on the contrary, I am more efficient, inspired and driven than ever.
  • I used to be in my head all the time, now I’m actually living here and now. I used to spend a lot of time in the future, with stressful and anxious thinking. My bandwidth was occupied with that, no wonder I was not able to hear ME. And the best part is that I don’t need any techniques or practices to be present or to drop my thinking. It’s enough that I notice my thinking and remember how the system works and it balances itself.
  • Chronic stress has completely left me although one might assume that an entrepreneur would have stress. I still experience stressful thoughts passing by at times but they leave me quickly as I know that there’s no use of grabbing them.
  • I’m sleeping better than ever and I wake up inspired. I feel energetic all day long as I don’t spend time in the future. I have my vision but I’m not stuck on my plan on how to go there. Life reveals itself gradually (we cannot know what the future brings), and we need to be flexible in the moment. As I’m present in my life, there also seems to be much more time as the pace in my head has slowed down.
  • I’m living my best life! I cannot even describe with words how liberating it is to understand that you are never a victim of the circumstances. Whatever happens in life, you are in charge of your own experience. Feelings come from your thinking, not from circumstances.
  • I used to want to control everything as I thought it would bring me safety. Well, it didn’t. Now I know how little I know and have control over. I have full trust in life and that if I just keep out of my own way (with my thinking) and know that I have all the answers, I will THRIVE!
  • I am much more authentic and present in my relationships. I’m not calm and collected at all times and I know now that all the feelings are part of life. The good girl has understood that all weather, also storms, belong to life. That means I can be fully me, and I don’t need to suppress myself to be seen as something/someone. I can express my opinions and that is VERY important so others can understand my reality. Communication is the key!
  • I am more creative than ever. I’ve never had so many ideas popping up to my head than nowadays. I used to think that I’m not a creative person. Well, new thinking seems to be blocked when your mind is occupied with all the unnecessary stuff. And I’m also acting on my ideas. The inner critic has finally quieted her voice.
  • I found my purpose in life. The transformation took me to a new career but that does not necessarily happen to everybody. Some might just realize that they are already living their purpose, they just had lost the joy temporarily due to all cluttered thinking. But what will happen is that your purpose starts to become clearer when you start to hear your inner voice. As someone has put it: “You don’t find purpose, it finds you”. My purpose is to help my clients to wake up from the same sleep I was in. The sleep that made no sense but was very innocent. You just don’t know what you don’t know.


Well, that’s easy! I know that all of us have the same capacity to transform as our minds operate the same way!

I want you to live your Life 2.0:

… to get out of bed each day with enthusiasm and contentment for your work and life

… to enjoy peace of mind and fulfillment which comes from the realization that you create your own experience and that you are deeply supported by life

… to feel that you are being fully YOU, showing up in the world just like you were meant to be shown

… and to feel the difference in ALL areas of your life

However, as we cannot know what the intelligence behind life has in store for you, we cannot know the outcomes for your life. I cannot make promises as it’s not my job, however, I will point you towards the logic that when seen insightfully, has the power to change lives.

Now it’s your turn!

I don’t want you to keep wasting your life a single moment longer. YOU DESERVE TO SHINE, THAT IS YOUR BIRTH RIGHT!

So I’ve put together MIND UNCOVERED™.


I’ll guide you to the secrets of the human mind which will reveal to you the true source of balance and fulfilling life. I often say I’ll take my clients to an elevator ride hoping that we’ll get from the ground floor to the first or second floor and the life will take care of the rest. Your insights will take you there and you’ll never go back to where you once were.

When you move into higher floors, your perspective will automatically change as your level of consciousness will rise. You’ll achieve the keys to a completely new experience of life without changing your circumstances.

My clients work with me because of my energy and commitment. I love to work with heart-centered people from all over the world who are ready to open up, let go of their old way of seeing and doing things and FIND THE MISSING PIECE THEY HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR.



When you’ll start to see the logic and principles behind the human mind, you’ll realize how your mind has been tricking you so far. Life does not happen to you and cause you to feel anything, it just looks that way. You experience life through your thinking. And that realization changes everything! You’ll be able to start leaving behind your old thought patterns and beliefs as they will no longer make any sense to you.


Insightful understanding of the principles will make you see how you are in charge of your experience and how you have all the needed answers in you for your perfect balance. You will start to see how revealing your psychological and spiritual aspect is key to balance and resilience. You’ll discover that it is possible to balance your mind permanently by seeing the mind’s principles in action in your own life. You will have more resilience to overcome life’s curve balls.


When you’ll discover how your thinking is fooling you, there’s no reason to take it so seriously. Joy is gone when we spend a lot of time paying attention to negative thoughts and taking them way too seriously. We also think that we have to be in control, we have to be prepared, we have to fix (ourselves and others) in order to avoid something or get to something that we cannot know anything of. Ease and lightness follow when you realize that you don’t have to be responsible for it all. You cannot be. Life and intelligence behind it all are much wiser than you.


Most of the diseases start from dis-ease of the mind. Seeing the connection and understanding how the mind works are helpful for the whole body and physical health. You’ll also understand how much limitations our body (incl. brain) gives us, also when perceiving life. You will discover how stress is completely misunderstood and that is the reason it has become an epidemic. By seeing where it actually comes from will free you from chronic stress!


Mind tricks us when it comes to our communication with others and causes us to blame others for our feelings. Separate realities are the main reason for any conflicts or misunderstandings in relationships. Realizing that deeply will have a profound effect on relationships, whether at work or home. You will automatically become a better leader, at work and life!


When you start to see what happens behind the scenes, you’ll discover that you don’t need any practices to quiet your mind. It is enough to see and notice how your mind operates and is wanting to take you away from what is happening now. As you become more connected to your inner guidance system, you will start to hear it more. It has far better solutions for you than your head could ever give you! Where it will guide you, we don’t know. That’s for you to figure out.

We all have our unique paths and we cannot tell in advance what is reserved for you, therefore the outcomes can be something totally different too!



  • 10 x 50 min one-on-one coaching calls with me (bi-weekly). While we have a certain structure and steps to take, it also allows us to personalize the content based on your individual situation and needs. Transformative coaching is always fresh at the moment, allowing new insights to emerge.


  • A private and exclusive Facebook Mastermind Group to connect with other highly driven and soulful people. You’ll get to hang out with people that “get” you.


  • Exclusive email access to me during the program – Email me during the workweek to share your insights or pain points, to bounce ideas off of me, or ask any questions.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! You will also receive all these bonuses:

Kick-off Deep Dive Session 1,5 hours – The first session will be extended so that we can really dive deep into your special needs and make a game plan for your future. (Value €500)


Recommended reading list and reading assignments during the program PLUS Carefully selected video content to support your journey. (Value €450)


Lifetime access to Virpi’s Mind Uncovered Alumni Facebook Community to help you network, continue learning and sharing insights, and connect after the program. Here’s where you can continue hanging out with like-minded people and form friendships! (Value Priceless)


Steps of the 5-month curriculum

Building the Foundation • Getting clear on your vision • Introduction to the principles behind the human mind • Why is this a paradigm change • Inside-out nature of the human experience • The real source of all feelings • We have success and wellbeing built-in
Mind, brain, and subconscious • Mind vs brain and their difference • Limitations and biases of the brain • Understanding subconscious – power of beliefs and do we really need to “do” something about them • How our thinking affects our cells • Our built-in special effects department
The illusion of our reality • Separate realities • Relationships, communication, and conflict • “Difficult people” • Stress is misunderstood • The real cause of stress, pressure and overwhelm • The psychological immune system and resilience
Mind-body-spirit connection • How understanding the mind principles can enhance overall health • Dis-ease of the mind as the cause of a physical disease • Innate intelligence and self-management • Work-life balance • Intellect vs. intuition • Decision making
Your perfect navigation system • Hearing your purpose • You are built to thrive • The only thing you are ever against • The power of NOW • Performance and productivity • Tapping into creativity and innovation


Here it how it goes:

First you book your free Clarity Session with me. While booking it, you will be asked some detailed questions about your situation. I will review your intake form and confirm our call if I think I might be able to help you. Then we’ll talk and find out if we are a good match!

If we are a match, you will be enrolled in the program. You will get your contract and payment details and as soon as all the paperwork is completed, you will get your welcome packet! I will tell you all the details you need during our call together. I’ll also tell you in case there is a waiting list. I only take approx. 20 people to the program at one time in order to be able to commit myself fully to my clients.


Mind Uncovered™ isn’t just a typical coaching program. It’s a deep-dive into the human mind. I will not give you advice how to manage your life or how to become a better person. You don’t need any fixing, you already have everything in you, you are your own best guide and coach. I will just point you towards the principles that will reveal how it all works and then you are set to go. No more gurus needed!


I will point you towards PRINCIPLES which is completely opposite to teaching any techniques. Principles are constant and apply to everyone. Through your own insights you will start to see that techniques are not necessary to calm your mind. When you see how your mind is actually working (quite the opposite of what you probably think), that will do it. What a relief!


I’ll share my own insights and I’m 100% transparent. Although you have your unique journey of insights, hearing from others will accelerate your journey. That is why you’ll also be a part of a group, I have seen for myself how powerful that is! I am very open and authentic, also fun and LOVE my work and I’m passionate to make people flourish. Because I have my personal experience of complete transformation beyond anything I ever thought to be possible, I know it is possible for you.


Think of me as more than a coach. I’m your travel companion in your mind discovery. During the program, I’m your biggest supporter and trusted confidante. I’ll be there to support you in our calls and you have unlimited email access to me throughout the program. I know how mind-blowing it can be when you start to understand that life operates the other way around. Don’t worry; I’ll be there for you and cannot wait to be able to guide you to your new life!


I will share not only my understanding of the mind and its principles but we will also discuss the mind-body connection. It’s Mind over Matter and this understanding has done wonders for me, many aspects of my life have become automatically more balanced (e.g. my eating and my overall health) even without consciously doing anything about it. I also love philosophical and spiritual discussions and depending on your needs, we can go much deeper.

There are plenty of courses you can take and events you can attend that teach you how to build a better mindset or get rid of your limiting beliefs, but none of them really shows you the basic principles that operate in your life. If you don’t understand that life operates only inside-out and there is intelligence in action all the time, you would think that you need fixing. But you don’t. You will see what you need to see when you are ready for it. But first, you need to discover how it all works! That will raise your consciousness and allow your inner wisdom to become your guide.

When you join Mind Uncovered™, you’ll connect with the deepest of yourself. Once you reconnect with that source, you are unlimited. You are able to raise your consciousness to the next level.

By realizing the logic of your mind:

You’ll see how you have the power over your experience of life. (How empowering!)

You’ll have the freedom of mind, no matter what the external circumstances are. (The biggest gift of all!)

You’ll start to hear your next steps.

You will see that deep down you are always ok, no matter what happens on the surface.

No matter how many doubts creep to the surface. (Because they will.)

Even if you think you already know this stuff. (Remember, we are talking about principles. The world is full of practices and methods!).

No matter how puzzled you might be about how to incorporate spirituality into your current life. (It is part of you, whether you know it or not.)

Even when you question whether it can be that simple.(It really can!)

My promise to you…

In these five months, you’ll get more than just information. And it’s not about intellectual understanding, it’s all about realization. Once you journey through it for yourself, you’ll have the possibility to experience a transformation in your way of seeing and experiencing life and a NEW awareness of your true power and possibilities. Although it is your inner wisdom at play, I’ll be your mirror.


You’re certainly ready for MIND UNCOVERED™ if:

  • You are ready and committed to invest in your own wellbeing and success. And you want it NOW.
  • You admit to yourself that you cannot figure the situation out by yourself. You are over drained, you have tried to solve it but it has not really helped and it is not becoming any easier. Your head is so busy that you cannot even hear what you should do!
  • You are willing to allocate time each week for your own inside work. This program is not about teaching you information; you need to see things for yourself and that will make the change!
  • You are open and out-of-the box thinker. You are a pioneer and don’t care what other people think. You will kick their ass when they see your transformation!
  • You already see that your mind and thinking are affecting your life. You realize you have power over it but haven’t been able to connect the dots fully.
  • You are a fun-loving person and want to have fun again, also in your work. You want to enjoy your life fully now, every day!
  • You want to have balance and peace of mind but at the same time you want to thrive and be more inspired than ever.
  • You are interested in deeper aspects of life and are curious to find out about how spirituality might support you in life. You can also be further down in the spiritual path but have not figured out how that would help you with your busy head.
  • You are a go-getter and you take action.
  • You know the value of guided, one-to-one coaching.

You are not yet ready for MIND UNCOVERED™ if:

  • You are not willing to admit that this is a thing you can’t fix by yourself. You think it will solve itself magically someday. After this project. And then after that one.
  • You are not willing and able to invest time and money for yourself.
  • You are looking for a quick-fix or another simple technique to help you out.
  • You’re not willing to step outside the box and challenge yourself. It is more important for you to live according to other people’s expectations.
  • You think that work just needs to be stressful and there is nothing you can do about. You feel victimized.
  • You are skeptical about anything that goes beyond your opinions. You are not ready to question your own view of life.
  • You have no interest in spirituality or deeper aspects of life.
  • You will expect the coach just provide you with information and that’s it.
  • You’d rather just continue doing what you’ve been doing.

You can keep going it alone and…

  • Continue living in exhausted, stressed mode, lacking energy, excitement, and fulfillment.
  • Continue carrying around all the work-related burdens during evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • Continue blaming and trying to fix your circumstances or relationships without knowing where your feelings are actually coming from.
  • Continue trying to escape the prison of your mind on weekends and holidays, by always staying busy and on the move.
  • Continue the never-ending road for self-improvement.
  • Struggle balancing your mind and spirit.

Or you can put an end to struggling and join my program where I’ll guide you towards

  • Calming the chaos in your mind without the need to do any practices.
  • Discovering how you can have clarity and inner peace without changing your circumstances.
  • Finding the key to balance and peace of mind.
  • Connecting the dots between your intellect and inner wisdom.
  • Having a deeper connection with your true self.
  • Living according to your unique purpose.

In short, experiencing a full life where you don’t need to compromise either work or life – you can have them both and thrive like you’ve ever done before!


Have questions? Here are some answers.

When does the program start?

Mind Uncovered™ runs throughout the year so enrollment is possible whenever there are spots available. So go ahead and book your Clarity Call and find out if you would be a good fit for the program.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. Please note that the pricing is different if there is a payment plan is at place. At the time of your order, you will see all available payment plans listed on the order form.

What if I need to cancel or transfer my coaching sessions?

Things happen in life and sometimes we need to tweak the one-on-one session times. However, we need to respect the timelines of other people and thus we will stick within the 5-month timeframe and will not expand that. The more specific terms will be available to you when you place the order.

I have more questions!

No problem. If you have any additional questions, just drop me a message via the form here or send me email to virpi@virpikalevo.com

Now it’s the time…

…for you to have clarity, fulfillment, and peace of mind.

I know that your inner wisdom has taken you exactly where need to be right now and you are reading this for a reason. Now it’s all about taking the first step. Your key to living your best life is to get the support from someone who has been there and knows what it takes to turn striving into thriving.

I’m here for you. Let’s do it together.

With much love,