What if your mind could stay on holiday?

mind on holiday

You know the feeling: the holiday season is approaching, you are running like a maniac to get things done, waiting for that moment when you are finally FREE from work. But it takes some time to get into the holiday mode, all that work related thinking still spinning in your head. And then, finally, you can let go of work for some time (if you’re lucky) but when the holiday is coming to an end, you cannot enjoy it anymore. You are just thinking of all the stuff that is waiting for you when you go back to your desk.

What if I told you that it is completely possible (and it is your default setting) to have your mind continue its holiday? It’s not necessary for you to experience all that work related thinking, stress, and pressure. And guess why? This is the big revelation: because it is not coming from your work at all! You can feel clear, relaxed and peaceful, even when you are at work. And the best part: it does not require any methods or practices!

We live our lives inside of our own psychological system. Life is an inside job, 100 % of the time. That means that your stress, anxiety and burdening thinking is coming from YOU. Not from your circumstances. You feel your thinking. Period. There isn’t anything outside of you that can cause you to feel a certain way. The missing link we have not seen is the power of thought and how it guides our perception and creates our feelings.

‘Yes, I know that’ you are possibly thinking. Yes, you might intellectually understand that your thinking is creating your feelings. You have seen it at times, I think most of us have. It is easier to see that when you drag some old memory in your head and realize that it is creating that old horrible feeling again. But we don’t see it so much when it comes to the future. Many of us live in the future, inside of our heads, with anxious, stressful thinking about the things we must do, where we need to be, what we must accomplish. And yet, if we would stay present (and not run into the unknown future with our thinking), we would be so much more efficient and innovative.

You need to see it for yourself (intellectual understanding and realization are completely different things!) how you cannot blame your circumstances or other people for your feelings. Your thinking will ebb and flow and so will your feelings. The principle of thought is creating your feelings and then you innocently attach the feeling to the circumstance or person in front of you. A thought is invisible and so quick that it gets us tricked. So it is not your work that is causing you to feel anxious when your holiday is ending. Can you see it?

Enjoy your holiday!

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