About Virpi

I’m a Transformational Coach, but you also might call me a Mindset Mentor, Holistic Wellbeing Expert, Mind-Body-Spirit Mentor. I received my Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and had a successful career in demanding HR positions. Coaching and mentoring others have always been my strong passion, already in those days. 

I liked my job and wanted always to deliver the best. Being responsible and driven, I ended up giving too much for my job, I “worked in my head” even when I was out of work and work did not feel fun anymore. I was gradually wearing myself out. I used to think that striving and having chronic stress were just self-evident in order to succeed in a demanding position, and peace of mind would never fit that equation.

The balance between work and life was completely gone by 2012. And then it happened. Not a burnout, but a deep personal crisis. I believe that life has its ways to stop us when we are going too fast or in a wrong direction and do not see things clearly. Life invites us to change in a form of any crisis, disease or lost. When you break down, something new will emerge. 

I needed to dive deep in order to find out what life is all about and to connect with my true self. I know now that there is an easier way. It’s not necessary to live with a constant feeling of pressure and stress and let the work rule your life. I want to help others to wake up to a new reality before they need to lose something or hit the wall. It is possible to live completely differently, without compromising anything in life, on the contrary, being more content than ever. This is not to say that life will not continue having its ups and downs. It will, that’s the nature of it. But looking at my life now, it makes a huge difference to understand how the system works, how my mind creates my unique experience of life and what an incredible power we have in us to create anything out of it. It’s up to me if I live in an anxious or peaceful reality. More than anything, I love to bring out the best in people and have them realize their core being and purpose!

I’ve always been a fun-loving person and nowadays more than ever, combined with a deep inner peace and purpose. Life seems like an adventure nowadays, I don’t need to control it, I’m going with the flow of it. I hope you’ll join me!

A few of my life lessons

I became interested in psychology in my early years.

As long as I can remember, the human mind has intrigued me. Due to certain childhood events, I was always interested in finding out why people behave like they do even when it makes no sense. I also became very sensitive in reading other people’s emotions. Looking back, that has been a real asset in my life. As a child, I also had a very strong fear of death, which was probably one of my key motivators in trying to understand life and humanity. When it was the time to choose a profession, I almost ended up studying psychology, but decided eventually to follow a slightly different path and started to study human resource management instead. HR felt so right and that was one the best decisions of my life!

I ran successfully on the hamster wheel, hit the wall and started to seek for answers.

I had a very successful corporate career and really loved my job and especially the possibility to work in an international environment. But I worked too hard, traveled a lot, and dedicated too much energy and time for my job. Then one day, I lost a special person in my life.  The loss was so sudden and dramatic that it really felt that I’m not going to survive. My life lost its meaning for a while. I then forced myself to continue and got really interested in what is really going on in life. And then things started to happen. Gradually the right people and the right learnings started to appear. I still remember very vividly one of the biggest turning points: I was on a business trip, reading Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” on an airplane, and there he wrote something like “if you are the thinker and you can also observe your thinking, then who are you?” That really hit me. It took me some time to understand his teachings, but later, with the understanding of human mind also those teachings became clear. What I’ve seen for myself since that time has transformed my life completely, I am now living my life 2.0, with gratitude to that lesson I needed to learn.

I heard about the principles of mind and my search was over.

I have always wanted to know if there is something else to life than our eyes can see. I had always this strong feeling inside that there must be. I’ve never been religious, but it has always made sense to me that there has to be some kind of intelligence behind life. I have many spiritual friends and that mysterious part of life started to interest me more and more as people around me started to share their experiences. It took some time before my strong intellect was willing to admit that there was something I couldn’t rationally explain. That led me to seek for more answers. I read tons of books, attended dozens of seminars, tried different practices and searched answers everywhere. And then I heard about the principles of mind (Three Principles). Everything I had learned and experienced started to make sense. The answer was logical and much simpler than I would have ever thought. It was in MIND. The search was over. I have everything in me already, there’s no need to search outside.

I left my corporate job to study and became an entrepreneur.

I knew it was time for me to do something different. It took some hard thinking and sleepless nights, but above all, I heard this strong voice inside me saying you need to do this. I had no clarity by that time when I would start my business and what it would entail, only that it had something to do with the mind and holistic wellbeing. I left everything I knew, my co-workers, my comfort zone, my steady income. But it was the time to make the move in order to connect with my true self. I started to listen to my own wisdom and not to live according to society’s expectations. Good girl was finding her own voice. I started to study homeopathy, which had led me to see how the mind affects the body. I studied to become Three Principles facilitator and a coach. Gradually it has become very clear to me what an incredible and intelligent system the human being is! Everything you have in your mental level is reflected on your physical level. The mind is our superpower and the more we understand it, the better we can feel, on every level. It was time for me to start my coaching business.

Living in the now ended my stress and burdening thinking.

By getting more and more insights and understanding more deeply how my mind operates, how my thinking creates feelings (and circumstances have no control over my feelings) and that I am an expression of the intelligence behind all life (which is seen everywhere in nature), my burdening thinking started to fall away. I used to live most of the time in my head, missing my life and what was happening in the present moment. And I really thought I was living fully in that hectic life. When looking back, I see it was necessary for me to experience all that in order to be able to help my clients. Nowadays, even when life throws its curve balls, I can experience it with more ease and clarity, knowing that I can have control over which thoughts I pay attention to.  When you see how the system works, your relationship with your thinking changes and you let them ebb and flow as they do, without paying so much attention to them or acting based on them. There are not such things than good or bad thoughts. They all come from the same source. You just need to see that they don’t tell you anything about the circumstance.

I am creating my reality through my thinking.

I see and create my reality only through my thinking. It is an illusion which looks very real to me. The more seriously I take my subjective thinking, the more I suffer. I also know that by design, we forget that we operate inside-out. It really looks to me that life makes me feel a certain way. But then I remember that it’s me and my thinking creating those feelings. And it takes me back to clarity.

And the biggest lesson of all: you don’t need to control life. It is designed to guide you where you need to go. You just need to listen, and listening happens here and now. I was a control freak for most of my life and this learning was huge! When I look at my life now and everything that has happened, I can see there is a plot. Life is not always easy and nice, by design it forces us to grow, and usually growth can only happen when we are outside of our comfort zone. So it can feel scary and painful! We often see the lessons only afterward. I trust fully that there is something much wiser than me taking care of things. How liberating is that! 

My learning journey will continue but I don’t need to be fixed.

I want to understand more and more all the time and go deeper with my understanding of mind and life. This seems to happen to everyone that starts to see how life really operates. I’m extremely curious to understand different phenomena and how science is gradually coming together in explaining how it all operates. Epigenetics, neuroscience, quantum physics, homeopathy, to name a few, are my current interests. It’s all energy and we are all interconnected.

At the same time, I know that I don’t need to fix myself or my beliefs. I used to spend a lot of time “working” with my issues and beliefs. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be beneficial, of course, it can bring useful insights, but there is an easier way. It’s enough to see how the system works. I’m designed to thrive, I am an expression of the intelligence behind life and all that is standing in my way (= my limiting thinking) will drop off via insights. But I cannot force it, everything will come to me when the time is right. All I need to “do” is to stay present and listen. My growth happens naturally, without me trying to fix me. Wisdom has my back.

Ready to start your life changing journey?

My Résumé



MSc (Econ)

Human Resources Management


HR Executive Program

Strategic HR Management


HBDI Certified

Certified in HBDI (Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument) which is a powerful psychometric assessment to define and describe the way you think and process information.



Certified as based on Dr Klinghardt’s methods. Psychokinesiology is a method to have a dialogue with subconscious mind and it allows to release old traumas and beliefs.


Three Principles Facilitator

Three Principles explain how the human mind operates and how our experience of life is formed. It is the new paradigm in psychology.


Results Certified Coach (Brain-based Coaching)

Brain-based coaching method by Neuroleadership Institute.


TSHHom. (Classical Homeopath)

4 years of studies in Classical Homeopathy in Transformational School of Homeopathy, Helsinki.

Previous Jobs


Varian Medical Systems

Senior HR Manager

  • HR lead for Finland, Scandinavia and the Russian Federation. HR Generalist role. Direct reports in Finland and Russia.
  • Member of the European HR Team and the local Management Team.
  • Establishment of HR department and HR processes for the area.



HR Manager

  • HR Business Partner role.
  • HR Process development for Recruitment, Talent Management, Employer Image, Performance Management and Compensation & Benefits.


Elisa Communications

HR Coordinator

  • Recruitment, Employment contracts and Employer Image.
  • Coordination of higher education liaisons.


Novo Group

HR Assistant

  • Recruitment. Development of HR intranet.
  • Assisting HR department in various HR processes e.g. induction, employee surveys and events.